• Yerba Mate Organic

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Yerba Mate Shade grown organic, best price on a half pound. Very healthy drink full of vitamins and minerals. Great hot tea to start your day. We mix in a little Royal Coconut for a tasty treat. This national beverage with caffeine originally comes from Paraguay, southern Brazil and Argentina. The tea comes from leaves of a type of holly that is said to have manifold beneficial effects. Drinking Mate out of one cup was a ritual and sometimes had the function of a peace-pipe with the natives. Later Brazilian Mate became the most popular drink of the Gauchos, the South American cowboys. Mostly enjoyed outside at the campfire, it became the national drink in almost every country in the continent over the years. The caffeine is bound to tannic substances and is set free in the body very mildly. Hence, its stimulating effect lasts longer than that of coffee.

Strength: medium
Classification: rare
Caffeine: none (gives you lots of energy but doesn't effect the nervous system)

Preparation instructions: 1 and 1/2 teaspoons at 212 degrees and 6-8 mins steep

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Yerba Mate Organic

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