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Tea House 650

Japanese Matcha

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We are delighted to be able to offer the ever-growing Matcha fan base yet another top quality from organic cultivation. According to legend, tea has been cultivated in the Uji District since the beginning of the 13th century. The first Matcha is said to have been produced towards the end of the 16th century. Altitudes of 820 feet, calcium-rich soil as well as prevailing ground fog perfect preconditions for excellent and complex green teas. During its preparation, the shining, emerald green Matcha unfolds intensive, matt-green shades, which are crowned by its grass green, creamy foam. The scent is sweet, fruity and its taste aromatic and full-bodied.

Granite ground organic green tea Matcha has the highest concentrations of antioxidants compared to all known to date. Matcha can be prepared hot or cold using water, milk, soy, rice or almond milk and sweetened according to taste with sugar, honey, or stevia. Your purchase comes with 30g of Matcha.

Brewing Instructions: Add one bamboo scoop in a bowl, add 6oz. of liquid and mix with bamboo whisk.