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Wine is subject to per bottle Packaging and Shipping fees.

About Murielle Winery

Murielle Winery was established in 1998 and has developed many new wines including the Tropical, Traditional, and Vintners Series. Murielle wines are made from traditional grapes that have been fermented from raw materials imported from around the world. The winery obtains raw materials from many different regions to provide the highest quality wines available.

If a particular region has a spectacular growing season, they contract for the raw materials to be shipped to the winery. All the Murielle wines are Hand Crafted and nurtured through out the wine making process offering a high quality wine not offered by the big manufactures.

The Murielle Wine Tropical Series is a great introduction to the wine tasting experience. They are traditional wines 'Infused' with the nectar of fruits to offer a slightly sweeter wine, yet with all the characteristics of a traditional wine.

The Murielle Wine Traditional Series is exactly that, traditional. All the characteristics of a traditional wine are in this series.

The Murielle Wine Vintner Series is a select group of wines that have been hand crafted by the wine maker and are very unique. They are wines that take an extreme amount of care and attention to produce a select group of wines worthy of the Vintner himself.

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Packaging Fee is $7.00 per case with up to 4 bottles per case. Shipping Fee is $7.00 per bottle. Special Rate, 4 bottles ($20).

DISCLAIMER: Tea House 650 assumes no liability for wine damaged due to poor weather during transport or delayed delivery. So, be sure of shipping conditions before you order and be sure an adult will be on hand to sign for wine. The best way to insure this is to provide us with a business delivery address. We make no representation to the legal rights of anyone to ship or import wines into any state outside of the State of Florida. The buyer is solely responsible for shipment of alcoholic beverage products. By placing an order, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order to you. Tea House 650 will only sell and deliver wine to persons of legal drinking age (21 years old minimum). By placing an order you are affirming you are of legal drinking age.

Tropical Series   Traditional Series   Vintners Series
Blueberry Pinot Noir

The tangy, sweet burst of blueberry combines...
Green Apple Riesling
The flavor sensation of biting into a crisp, crunc...
Kiwi Pear Sauvignon Blanc

Kiwi-Pear Sauvignon Blanc is crisply tart an...
Mango Semillon

A delightful blend of ripe mango flavors com...
Peach Apricot Chardonnay

A round chardonnay blended with the fruit fl...
Raspberry Merlot

Ruby red in color, this flavorful blend acce...
Three Berry Shiraz

Ripe, intense, concentrated berry fruit flav...
Passion Fruit White Zinfandel

A fantastic pairing of the natural berry and...
Cabernet Sauvignon

The primary aromas are of black currants, bl...

Our Chardonnay is filled with the sharp s...


Highly aromatic, presenting aromas of red ro...
Pinot Noir

This wine is a soft gentle wine, whiffs of c...
Mad Port

Black and inky best describes the look of th...
Cabernet Franc

Intense aromas and lush flavors of boysenber...
Chocolate Raspberry Port

Lots of Dark Belgian chocolate boom from the...
Ice Style Dessert Wine

A very nice after dinner wine. Very supple a...